5 Ways to Support Nonprofits

5 Ways to Support Nonprofits

The pandemic has been difficult on all organizations whether it be higher demand for services or having to close their doors. Over the past couple of years The Community Foundation has been asked by both donors and nonprofit leaders to share tips on how to support their favorite organizations. Below are following are five evergreen options for supporting nonprofits compiled by our very own Cassandra Wagner Kartashov, Director of Grants and Programs here at The Community Foundation.

1 Unrestricted Gifts 

Did you know that before the pandemic only 20% of funding for nonprofits in the United States had any degree of flexibility? Unrestricted gifts provide nonprofits with the ability to adapt to changing needs which has been more important than ever during the pandemic and will continue to be a need moving forward.

““…what we learned from the disaster was to trust the nonprofits to judge where they need to spend the funding” – Grantmaking Committee Member


2 Volunteer

Volunteerism is a tremendous resource as many nonprofits would not be able to conduct programs, raise funds or serve clients. Volunteering can also have positive impact on the volunteers mental health. If you are interested in volunteering you can contact your favorite nonprofit or check out Volunteer SLO for opportunities.



3 Give Grace

Nonprofits are usually understaffed even in the best of times. “The Great Resignation” has had a huge impact on local organizations. This may mean that your gift acknowledgement may not arrive in a timely manner or that the email you sent over a week ago has not been responded to. I recently heard from a beloved nonprofit leader that one of her donors decided to not make contributions to the organization any more after a new staff member failed to “properly greet” the donor. During these difficult times please remember to give a little extra grace.



4 Boost Morale

These past couple of years have been difficult on everyone. Our Board recently started provided treats for staff on multiple occasions which had a huge impact on staff morale and productivity. You’d be amazed by what a box of cupcakes can do to lift spirits.



5 Appreciation

I recently spoke with a nonprofit CEO who shared that she has one donor that writes a letter of appreciation with each gift they make to the organization. She shares the thank-you card with staff and then keeps them in a little box for days when she needs a pick-me-up. Letters of encouragement and thanks are validation of their hard work.

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