Agency Funds

Nonprofit organizations have two types of funds to choose from when establishing a Fund at The Community Foundation. An agency endowed or non-endowed fund at The Community Foundation San Luis Obispo County is an easy way for nonprofit organizations to establish a fund, eliminate administrative burden, and increase the ability to handle large and complex gifts. Both offer a reliable source of financial support for the organization with an endowed fund earning interest through pooled investments. Endowment funds are a permanent resource for your organization, producing a steady stream of income annually while being invested for the long-term.

Agency Endowment

A permanent endowment fund gives organizations the opportunity to create a fund that generates investment income, year after year, which can be drawn down in set annual payments to the organization or reinvested in the fund to grow over time. The permanence of an endowment fund is both appealing and reassuring to donors and nonprofit boards who seek the enduring value of a dedicated source of income to support the organization they love, today and forever.

Agency Non-endowed Fund (Pass-Through)

These funds give organizations the opportunity to save non-endowed dollars in a professionally managed fund that remains fully accessible. It’s a flexible and simple way for nonprofits to build funds for a project or future operational needs.

How it Works

  • Your Board and executive leadership works with the Community Foundation staff to determine the type of fund needed and how much you would like to place in the fund bearing your organization’s name
  • The agency or individual donors can add to the fund at any time.
  • The agency or individual donors can add to the fund at any time.
  • We handle all the administrative details – including investment management. Your organization will receive semi-annual statements outlining your fund balance and investment performance.
  • The fund is placed in the Community Foundation’s investment pool, providing the benefits of a diverse investment portfolio.
  • With an endowed fund, your donors can be sure that the fund’s principal will not be spent and can grow over time, providing a source of lasting support.
  • Your donors can leave a bequest through The Community Foundation to benefit your organization in perpetuity and create a personal legacy. The Community Foundation staff can facilitate even the most complex planned gifts, including gifts of appreciated stock or real estate.
  • The Community Foundation handles investment management and the administrative responsibilities so that you can concentrate on fulfilling your mission.
Fund List

If you have any questions about establishing a fund to benefit your organization, please contact the Foundation at 805-543-2323 or at

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an agency endowment?

It is a long-term fund held and managed by The Community Foundation on behalf of a nonprofit organization. The nonprofit organization receives annual distributions for purposes identified in the fund agreement. The fund is technically owned by the Community Foundation on behalf of your agency.

What is the minimum needed to establish an endowment?

$25,000 in cash, securities or other property. Contributions can be added to the fund at any time and in any amount.

Who would be managing our endowment?

The Board of Directors of The Community Foundation working in conjunction with the Board’s Investment Committee. This team of prominent community leaders includes investment professionals and community business leaders who work closely with our staff and off-site managers.

What does it cost?

Fund fees depend on variables such as balance and fund type. Please contact us at 805-543-2323 or at to obtain the fee schedule relevant for the type of fund your organization might be interested in establishing.


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