2024 Scholarship Recipients Just Announced. See a complete list here:

The Community Foundation’s Scholarship Program was established in 2000 by generous individuals, families, businesses, and organizations to ensure students can pursue their educational dreams. We administer a variety of scholarships for high school seniors and college students. The program awards more than 65 scholarships totaling over $420,000. All scholarships have individual criteria, deadline and requirements.

Chase your dreams!

Before applying, carefully review the information provided to ensure the scholarship is appropriate for you. This will give you a great start towards receiving a scholarship. 

To learn about scholarships you can apply for through us — what they fund, requirements, application materials needed and deadlines — visit our Available Scholarships.

Are you interested in making an impact in your community? Our scholarships help young people achieve their dreams of higher education. Learn more about the value of starting a scholarship here.

** NOTE: For scholarships listed as “San Luis Obispo High School only” please contact the SLO High School Career Center to learn more.

For a list of past scholarship recipients click here.