Final Five Grantees Revealed: Celebrating 25 Years of Community Impact

In celebration of our 25th anniversary, we embarked on a journey at the start of 2023 to make a lasting impact on our beloved community. To honor this milestone, we decided to give back in a meaningful way, allocating $100,000 to support local nonprofits dedicated to the causes close to the hearts of SLO County residents.

From June to September, we proudly granted $5,000 each to fifteen remarkable organizations tirelessly working to enhance the well-being of our entire community. As we prepare to conclude our anniversary celebrations in the months ahead, we are thrilled to introduce the final five grantees who have received a $5,000 gift from our $100,000 fund:

  1. 5 Cities Homeless Coalition: Committed to addressing homelessness in our region, 5CHC provides the resources, support, and hope that families and individuals need to become self-sufficient, productive community members.
  2. Basin Street Regulars: A champion of the arts dedicated to the preservation and promotion of traditional jazz by providing a place where jazz musicians can play.
  3. Diversity Coalition San Luis Obispo County: Seeks a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive community through advocacy and education.
  4. Shower the People: This compassionate initiative provides hygiene services to individuals experiencing homelessness, restoring dignity and hope.
  5. South County Youth Coalition: Focused on empowering our youth, this coalition offers vital programs and resources to help young people thrive in our community.

In total, we have awarded $100,000 to twenty outstanding nonprofit organizations across San Luis Obispo County:

  1. Boys and Girls Club of the Mid-Central Coast
  2. Lumina Alliance
  3. Promotores Collaborative
  4. The Link
  5. Paso Robles Youth Arts Center
  6. City Farm SLO
  7. SLO Food Bank
  8. SLO Repertory Theatre
  9. SLO Children’s Museum
  10. SLO YMCA
  11. Community Foundation of Estero Bay
  12. Friends of the Elephant Seals
  13. Los Osos Cares
  14. Meals that Connect
  15. Pacific Wildlife Center
  16. 5 Cities Homeless Coalition
  17. Basin Street Regulars
  18. Diversity Coalition San Luis Obispo County
  19. Shower the People
  20. South County Youth Coalition

The impact these organizations have on our community is immeasurable, and we couldn’t be prouder to support their work. While we wish we could have provided grants to all the deserving nonprofits in our county, we are confident that our ongoing commitment and services will continue to bolster the diverse array of organizations that tirelessly serve our community

With our mission to support nonprofits in our community, we invite you to consider making a donation to The Community Foundation. Your contribution will go a long way in helping us continue this vital work for the next 25 years, ensuring a brighter future for San Luis Obispo County.

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