ABOUT CFSLOCO: We assist your clients in achieving their charitable aspirations by partnering with a network of professionals including attorneys, estate planners, financial advisors, CPAs, trust officers, and insurance agents.

Since 1998, The Community Foundation has awarded more than $70 million in grants and scholarships to nonprofit partners and local students. The Foundation’s charitable assets under management have grown to $72 million to support all areas of our community in perpetuity.

With over two decades of experience collaborating with professional advisors in San Luis Obispo County, we are committed to supporting you in making a lasting impact.

Professional Advisor Committee Members

  • Lisa Lambert – Lisa Lambert Law (Committee Chair) 
  • Patrick Corrigan – West Coast Financial
  • Derek Johnson – Johnson Wealth Management
  • Kelly Hagerman – Wells Fargo Advisors 
  • Victor Herrera – Carmel & Naccasha
  • Michael Leeder – Merrill Lynch Wealth Management
  • Teresa Rhyne – Teresa Rhyne Law Group
  • Robert Shipe – Wilde Wealth Management Group
  • Kim Spiller – Caliber Accounting Group
  • Heidi McPherson (CEO) – CFSLOCO Staff
  • Leila Dufurrena (Director of Philanthropy) – CFSLOCO Staff
  • Sheri Robesky (Philanthropy Coordinator) – CFSLOCO Staff 

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Professional Advisors Toolkit:

How to work with The Community Foundation to serve your clients

 Fast Facts on Donor Advised Funds

Why set up a Donor Advised Fund rather than a Private Foundation

How to name The Community Foundation in a will or trust

The Benefits of a Donor Advised Fund

Resources for Professional Advisors

Real Estate Foundation

Although, real estate comprises a significant portion of the net worth of many individuals on the Central Coast, many charities are reluctant to accept land and real estate due to the legal complexities and risks involved. To address this, The Community Foundation has created the Real Estate Foundation of San Luis Obispo County, a separate public benefit corporation, to facilitate the sale of donated real estate in order to pass the net proceeds of that sale on to charities designated by the donor. These gifts may include real property, an ownership portion of real property or potentially a loan investment secured by real property. Click here to learn more about how you can donate real estate to charity.

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