My client is interested in creating his/her own fund at The Community Foundation. How does it work?

Our team can help guide you and your client in the creation of a new fund Click here for more information.

My client is interested in leaving an estate gift to benefit charitable work. Can you help me with this?

Click here for more information on bequests and planned gifts.

What is the difference between an endowment fund and a non-endowed fund?

Click here for more information.

My client is interested in creating a private foundation to support their charitable interests. Are there benefits to working with The Community Foundation instead?

Click here for a detailed look at the benefits of our Donor Advised Funds.

How are your charitable assets invested and what are your fees?

Click here for our current investment policy and current fee policy.

I have a client who wishes to create a memorial charity in honor of a loved one who passed. Can The Community Foundation help me?

Yes. Click here for our types of funds.

My client wishes to transfer stock to support a particular nonprofit organization. Does The Community Foundation offer this support?

Yes, please call us at (805) 543-2323 in advance of completing a stock transfer for detailed instructions.

I have a client who generally prefers to remain anonymous with their charitable giving. Does The Community Foundation protect the confidentiality of donors?

Yes, please click here for confidentiality policy.

How can my client learn more about your work?

Call us or have your client call us at (805) 543-2323 and we will be pleased to schedule a time to meet.

Do you offer multi-generational philanthropic services for clients who may wish for their children or grandchildren to learn the value of charitable giving?

Yes, click here to see examples of our donor stories.

Can you accept a client’s gift of real estate?

Yes, please click here for information on our support organization, the Real Estate Foundation.

How can you help me with clients interested in the benefits of lifetime income, such as a charitable remainder trust or a charitable gift annuity?

For details regarding planned giving please click here.


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