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The United State of Women



Last week Heidi McPherson, our CEO was honored to be among the 5,000 women and men who attended the inaugural White House Summit on The United State of Women in Washington, D.C.

Held just two days after the tragic shooting in Orlando, the Summit focused on critical and timely issues relating to ending violence, economic empowerment programs, pay equity, leadership for girls and the future of women in the workforce. Voices from across the country, around the world, and from all areas of civic, cultural, political and the professional world participated in this important event.

Survivors of rape made their voices heard to raise awareness of the reality that violence against women on college campuses has remained unchanged. "All of the progress we have made...none of it matters if women cannot live free from violence," said Vice President Joe Biden. Women union leaders and CEOs from Johnson and Johnson asked us to work towards a world where we have equal pay for equal work- and that women can actually "do" anything!

Warren Buffet spoke to the economic reality of women as entrepeneurs and asked us to imagine what we could do if we engaged 100% of our country's population in the economic engine. Without financially empowering women, America is effectively playing "with one hand tied behind its back," said Buffet.

One final session that specifically pertains to our work in San Luis Obispo County was focused on the report released from the consulting company McKinsey & Company, entitled "The Power of Parity: Advancing Women's Equality in the United States". This report presents the case for gender equality in 4 categories including data on equal pay, single motherhood, higher education, teenage pregnancy rates and incidences of violence against women, among other indicators.

Please download this interesting study, along with the recent study from the Women's Legacy Fund entitled "What Do Women Need: Issues Impacting Women and Girls in San Luis Obispo County, 2015". Both studies speak to the importance of data in looking at our communities and working together to take action. Links to this research can be found on the left of your screen.  

We look forward to incorporating information from this important summit into the work of The Community Foundation and partnering with our local community to help address these issues. Thank you for joining us in making a difference in the lives of women and girls, men and boys across San Luis Obispo County. Today we can change tomorrow.

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