Women’s Legacy Fund Annual Luncheon – Sept. 26, 2019

Image of smiling teenager with text "You changed her life. Now discover how you can support more women and girls across San Luis Obispo County and beyond by attending the Women's Legacy Fund Luncheon on September 26, 2019."

The 17th annual Women’s Legacy Fund Luncheon will be held at noon on Thursday, September 26, 2019. Each year approximately 700 community members come together to celebrate the impact of the Women’s Legacy Fund grant-making and learn about the challenging issues that the women and girls of our community are facing each day. Our keynote speaker this year will be inspirational speaker Tuti Scott who has been educating and energizing social change leaders for more than 25 years.

Listen to Tuti share six stories with themes tied to being an advocate for women and girls including how to reflect, advocate, convene, invest, influence, and recognize discrimination against women and girls. You’ll come away from this luncheon understanding the power and active role you can play in supporting and empowering women and girls in San Luis Obispo County and beyond. Tickets for the luncheon may be purchased online at https://wlfslo2019.bpt.me For more information about the Women’s Legacy Fund click here.