Friends of the San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden Endowment

Designated endowment fund to support the maintenance, operations and educational activities of the proposed and completed educational building at the SLO Botanical Garden. The mission of the SLO Botanical Garden is to display the diverse plant life of the Mediterranean climate zones, and to provide opportunities for education, recreation, conservation and research.

City of San Luis Obispo Open Space Preservation Fund

The purpose of this fund is to assist the City in the acquisition of land and easements to preserve open space, wildlife habitat, and agticultural land in and near the City, and to assist the City in undertaking habitat conservation, environmental restoration.

Environmental Grant Fund

This fund provides grants to local organizations working towards the betterment of the environment or ecology of San Luis Obispo County

Building Preservation Fund

The preservation of 550 Dana Street will make us more sustainable, better serve nonprofits, and protect and maintain a historic resource.

Cayucos Land Conservancy Endowment Fund

This agency endowment provides support to the programs and activities of the Cayucos Land Conservancy, helping further its mission of establishing a permanent greenbelt around Cayucos.