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Privacy Policy


General: The Community Foundation San Luis Obispo County recognizes that the efficient operation of The Community Foundation requires the maintenance and management of extensive donor and prospect records. These records often contain sensitive information that has been shared with or developed by the Foundation staff on a confidential basis.

Additionally, donors and prospects are frequently attracted to The Community Foundation on the basis of its ability to assure temporary or permanent anonymity. The purpose of this policy is to codify the position of the Foundation on anonymity and donor/prospect records. “Records” is construed to mean all files, including electronic data, containing information on donors or prospective donors to the Foundation.

I. Confidentiality Of Records: The President and Chief Executive Officer shall be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of donor and prospect records.  They may, at their discretion, make all or part of any record available to staff members or Community Foundation volunteers to assist them in executing their responsibility.

The Community Foundation's auditors are authorized to review donor and prospect records as required for the purposes for which they are engaged.

The Board of Directors may, by a majority vote, ask the Development Committee to review the donor/prospect records and report back to the Board. The committee shall respect The Community Foundation's significant interest in protecting the sensitive nature of those records.

II. Publication Of Donor Names: Unless otherwise requested by the donor, the names of all individual donors will be listed in The Community Foundation's annual report and/or in other appropriate vehicles. The Community Foundation will not publish the amount of any donor's gift without the permission of the donor. Donors making gifts to the Foundation by bequest or other testamentary device are deemed to have granted such permission.

Donors should be aware that it is The Community Foundation's policy to, from time to time, publish the current market value of its funds, from which a reader may be able to determine the approximate size of a donor’s gift.

Records Policy

III. Honor/ Memorial Gifts: The names of donors of memorial or honor gifts may be released to the honoree, next of kin, or appropriate member of the immediate family, unless otherwise specified by the donor. Gift amounts are not to be released without the express consent of the donor.

IV. Anonymous Gifts: The President and Chief Executive Officer are authorized to accept anonymous gifts to The Community Foundation. In the event the President is uncertain about the desirability of accepting an anonymous gift, he shall consult with the Development Committee.

The President shall disclose to the Development Committee, upon a request by a majority of the Committee, the names of any anonymous donors.

V. Employee Responsibilities: The Community Foundation San Luis Obispo County and its employees have an ethical and legal obligation to respect the privacy of our donors, and to protect and maintain the confidentiality of all information about the donors, their family members and friends.

Employees should not discuss donor records and donor-related business (including the names of donors) with anyone outside of the Foundation’s board or staff unless the President or Chief Executive Officer has given authorization.

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