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How to Establish a Fund

Starting a fund at The Community Foundation is a personalized process, during which we will help you:

  • Consider what issues and organizations matter most to you

    Do you care about the environment, or wish to support the arts or help youth be able to afford higher education?

  • Decide what to give

    The Community Foundation accepts outright gifts such as cash, securities and life insurance, as well as real estate, memorial gifts, and charitable remainder trusts.

  • Choose the type of fund you would like to establish

    Do you want to be directly involved in your grantmaking decisions? Would you prefer the Community Foundation direct your grantmaking based on the guidelines you've established? Learn more about the different types of funds we offer.

  • Decide whether you would like to endow your fund

    With an endowed fund we preserve the value of your gift while each year giving out a portion in charitable distributions to causes you care about. Without affecting your financial security you can either specify a dollar amount, a particular asset, or a percentage of your estate.

  • Decide what you would like to name your fund

    Some donors choose to use their family name for the fund they establish, however, funds can also be named to honor a living person, memorialize someone who has passed, or commemorate an anniversary or other important event.

  • Set up a fund

    Once a fund type has been chosen, you name the fund and work with us to complete the customized governing documents to finalize the process.

For more than 15 years, individuals, families, businesses and nonprofit organizations have been improving the San Luis Obispo County communities through funds managed by The Community Foundation.

Once a fund is established you may:

  • Add to the fund at any time in any dollar amount
  • Decide how to distribute funds through the grantmaking process
  • Contact the Community Foundation staff for assistance in learning more about the needs of our community

If you would like to explore the possibility of establishing a fund, please contact us.

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