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Women's Legacy Fund

Women's Legacy Fund Grant Program for 2016-2018  

The Women’s Legacy Fund was established in September 2003 with a mission “To be a catalyst for philanthropy that improves the lives of women and girls in San Luis Obispo County.” Each year the fund has focused on a different broad issue area: Basic Needs, Education, Reproductive Health, Mental Health, Economic Independence, or Personal Safety. Approximately $350,000 has been awarded since the inception of the fund.

Based on the 2015 study, “What Do Women Need?- Issues Impacting Women & Girls in San Luis Obispo County”, the Women’s Legacy Fund has decided to commit $100,000, beginning in 2016, over the next three years to fund programs which empower girls with the skills, knowledge, and support to overcome gender inequities, stereotypes and build resilience. The Women’s Legacy Fund will consider proposals that:

  1. Strengthen or expand existing programs
  2. Develop or introduce new strategies to the community
  3. Are for one year or multi-year (up to 3 years) projects

The dealine to submit a grant application for 2018 was on March 16, 2018.


Since the Women's Legacy Fund was established in 2003, 60 grants for more than $350,000 has been distributed to local organizations addressing the needs of women and girls.

Women's Legacy Fund Grant Distributions

2018 - Girls Self-Esteem and Empowerment
2017 - Girl's Self Esteem and Empowerment
2016 - Girls Self-Esteem and Empowerment
2014 - Education
2013 - Economic Independence
2012 - Basic Needs
2011 - Women and Health
2010 - Women and Education
2009 - Women and Economic Independence
2008 - Women’s Role in Society
2007 - Women and the Social Environment
2006 - Health
2005 - Economic Independence
2004 - Education

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