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Women's Legacy Fund

New Donor Levels

We are pleased to have Legacy Leaders who continue to donate to the endowment beyond their initial $1,000 gift.  To recognized those who have cumulatively donated (or pledged to donate), we have established these giving levels:

Brilliant     $100,000+

Marquis     $50,000 - $99,999

  • Diane Berner-Connor in memory of Dr. Robert E. Berner
  • Ann Freeman Endowment

Platinum   $25,000 - $49,999

Diamond  Circle $10,000 - $24,999

Diamond Circle was created to celebrate our 10th Anniversary and to recognize Legacy Leaders who have cumulatively donated (or pledged to donate) $10,000 or more to the Women's Legacy Fund.

We are excited to announce these founding members of the Diamond Circle:

  • Katcho Achadjian in honor of Araxie and Nyri
  • Libbie Agran
  • Lyn Baker
  • Sharon Beko
  • Barbara Bell
  • Nancy Bruno
  • Marty Claus
  • Grace Crittenden
  • Nella Girolo
  • iii Design
  • Carol Kiessig
  • Lisa Kilburn Maino
  • Noreen Martin
  • Coleen Mattison
  • Pacific Gas & Electric
  • Susan Polk
  • Linda Rawlings
  • Linda & Barney Reitner
  • Ann Robinson
  • Jane Sinton
  • Mary Verdin
  • Tricia Volk
  • Janice Fong Wolf

Please join us in thanking them for their generosity, leadership and support as the Women's Legacy Fund continues to make a meaningful difference in the lives of women and girls in San Luis Obispo County.

Diamond Circle members will be recognized permanently on our website and in printed materials. Those who joined at any time in 2012 are recognized as “founding members.”

Founding Legacy Leaders

Founding 100 Legacy Leaders

  • AAUW – San Luis Obispo County Branches
  • AAUW of San Luis Obispo in honor of women and girls
  • Anonymous (4)
  • Georgie & Dave Arnold in memory of Chlora Mary Rust
  • Catherine Baker
  • Lyn Baker
  • Sharon Beko
  • Barbara Bell
  • William C. & Shirley Bianchi in memory of Martha Mendoza Johnston
  • Linda J. Booker Family Trust
  • Bonnie & Mac Brinton in honor of our daughters Nikki Brinton Jakins and Traci Hobbs Brinton
  • Wendy Brown
  • Nancy Bruno in memory of Antonina Meli
  • Karen Burish in memory of Rosella Burish
  • Barbie Butz
  • Patricia W. Cairns
  • Stacy Cannon in memory of Martha K. Smith
  • Vicki Carroll in memory of Anna Paiarola
  • Christine Cary & Joel McCormick
  • Mary Alice Chisholm in honor of Julia O’Grady Pollard
  • Carlyn Christianson in memory of Marjorie Blaha
  • Lucia Vanderheyden Cleveland
  • Barbara Clutter & Betty Hesters
  • Claudia Collier in memory of Harold & Jeanne Collier
  • Carol Conway
  • Donna & Julian Crocker in honor of our daughters Kelly & Karen, and in memory of our mothers Mary & Mary Alene
  • Frances W. Davidson in memory of Ethel Simmons
  • Virginia deLaval
  • Alison & John Denlinger in memory of Aldena Madruga Silva
  • Nancy & Christina DePue
  • Pamela Dunlap in memory of Mary Fitch
  • Sandy & John Dunn in honor of our granddaughters: Olivia and Sophia Taylor & Jayme and Maya Dunn
  • Denise Uhles el-Effendi
  • Valerie Endres
  • Kathy T. & Bud Evans
  • Karen Flagg
  • Vanessa & Warren Fujimoto in honor of our daughters: Colette & Wendi Fujimoto & Stephenie Bivens
  • Beverly & Bryan Gingg
  • Patricia Gomez
  • In memory of Eleanor Bell Gottesman
  • Christina Hatch
  • Lisa A. Hogarty, Attorney at Law
  • Elizabeth Lamont Johnson in memory of Frances & Barstow Johnson
  • Gail Johnson
  • Grigger Jones in honor of my wife Alice I. Jones and daughters Carolyn A. Jones and Nancy S. Jones
  • Anne Keller in honor of Gene Keller & in memory of Milton Lampe
  • Lisa Kilburn
  • Dee Lacey
  • Liz Lee Sportswear
  • Linda Lewis
  • Noreen Martin
  • Liz Maruska in memory of her godmother
  • Coleen Mattison
  • Diane & Pat McKeague
  • Linda Powell-McMillan
  • Carol & Leo Michaud
  • In memory of Vivien C. Milburn
  • Mission Community Bank
  • No. Co. Women’s Power Lunch
  • Pacific Gas & Electric
  • Nanci Lynn Parker in honor of Royce Eldridge Parker
  • Barbara Partridge
  • Mike & DD Patrick in honor of their daughters Allison, Michelle and Elise, and in memory of Elaine Sloane
  • Peggy Peterson
  • M. Ilda Pruneda in memory of Donald W. Haynes
  • Leigh Ramirez
  • Linda & Barney Reitner
  • Kate Riggins
  • Michel Cam & Ann Robb
  • Ann Robinson
  • Dr. Marie E. Rosenwasser in memory of Diane Epstein
  • Rotary Club of Arroyo Grande
  • Celeste Royer
  • Betty Schetzer
  • Anne Sinsheimer
  • Carol Sinsheimer
  • Jane Sinton
  • Jim & Norma Sinton
  • Julie Sinton
  • Steve Sinton in honor of Norma Sinton
  • Elizabeth “Biz” Steinberg
  • Barbara & Alan Stevens
  • Pat & Steve Stevens
  • Toni Sullivan
  • Liz Wagner Summer in memory of my mom, Marie Wagner
  • Mary L. Talbot
  • Johnine Talley
  • Paula Topley in memory of Goldie Bensilhe
  • Su Tsao
  • Natalie Wall, Esq.
  • Susan & Helen Waterbury in memory of Brian Waterbury
  • Cindy Wittstrom
  • Cindy Wittstrom in memory of Grace E. Wittstrom
  • Loretta Wofford in honor of my mother, sister, daughter, daughter-in-law, granddaughters, great granddaughters and those women who will follow
  • Janice Fong Wolf
  • The Women Lawyers Association of San Luis Obispo County
  • Mrs. Penny H. Woods
  • Hilda Zacarias & family in memory of Jacob Zacarias


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