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Art Inspires

For each individual, art has a different meaning - for one person, it inspires creativity; for another, art may inspire a feeling of understanding and tolerance; and yet for another, it may inspire a sense of community. Whether you are creating, viewing or listening, art is a truly individual and personal experience. While art is personal, it is often experienced in a communal setting such as a theatre, gallery or, in the case of public art, in the public areas of a city. The wonderful thing about art is how it can engage, evoke, empower. And art lives on beyond the limits of time, to carry forward our story, our fears, our joys, our images. 

The Community Foundation San Luis Obispo County ensures this longevity by offering donors multiple opportunities to support the vibrant arts organizations in our community through charitable giving. Our Art Inspires! Endowment Fund was established by a gift from the William Randolph Hearst Foundation and is the perfect fund for donors who wish to support art grants that are responsive and flexible to the needs of local arts organizations. The Art Inspires! Fund accepts gifts in any amount. All gifts are endowed to benefit the arts forever. 

PLEASE NOTE: Art Inspires! grants have become a part of our new CommUNITY Grants program, and will no longer be offered as a separate grant opportunity. Please see more information.


For any questions or concerns, please contact Len Smolburd at (805) 543-2323. 

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