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Sera Day Coryell Nursing Education Scholarship

The Sera Day Coryell Nursing Education Scholarship was established in 2011 by Sera’s parents to celebrate her life by supporting others in achieving their nursing goals. Their daughter was a vibrant, compassionate young woman known for her quick wit, amazing culinary skills and fierce loyalty to friends and family. She was a great story teller and entertained friends with re-enactments of her adventures that included skydiving, rock climbing and biking in Italy. Sera pursued her dream of becoming a nurse practitioner as a part of her determination to contribute to the community. However, she died suddenly of an undiagnosed cardiac defect before she could complete her nursing studies.

 “When our beloved Sera passed away, we went to The Community Foundation San Luis Obispo County to give us the framework and expertise to set up a scholarship fund in her memory. Throughout the process they have been diligent, caring and sensitive to our cause. This year, a talented and deserving nursing student received a substantial award because of The Community Foundation's commitment to our community and to us.” said Marcia Coryell.

The first Sera Day Coryell Nursing Education Scholarship was presented to Atascadero High School senior, Jacqueline Wulff in 2013. In the essay that helped her win the scholarship, Wulff wrote, “My personal life experiences have directed me towards nursing. Several years ago, my friend's sister was born prematurely. I watched this tiny infant being cared for by amazing professionals in our local NICU. This infant overcame unbelievable odds and is now a happily thriving young girl. Witnessing how the nurses and doctors worked together to provide excellent care and a future for this infant inspired my passion for nursing.”

Wulff is studying nursing at Asuza Pacific University in southern California, and is helping to carry on the Sera’s legacy.

GraceAnne Garza, the 2014 Sera Day Coryell Nursing Education Scholarship recipient, graduated from Mission College Preparatory Catholic High School. With the aid of this scholarship, she is currently pursuing her BSN at the University of Portland School of Nursing.

To GraceAnne, “nursing is an emotionally rewarding job and [allows] me to find satisfaction and purpose in life. Satisfaction not in the monetary sense, but in the sense of being able to come home each night, having a good feeling of helping individuals in need. Assisting others gives me great happiness.” After graduating with her BSN, GraceAnne intends to earn a Master’s in Nursing in the hopes of becoming a nurse practitioner.

In 2015, the Sera Day Coryell Nursing Education Scholarship was presented to Seattle Pacific University freshman, Holly Mac Farlane. Holly graduated from San Luis Obispo High School in 2015 and has been working towards her Bachelors of Science in Nursing ever since.  

With her BSN, Farlane hopes to “someday travel to other parts of this nation along with other countries to serve in areas that lack adequate health care.”

Qualified applicants for the Sera Day Coryell Nursing Scholarship are graduating seniors who attend high school in San Luis Obispo County, and plan to attend a four-year college with an approved Registered Nursing Program.

For questions and inquiries, please contact Angela Hollander, Scholarship Program Associate, at (805) 543-2323.

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