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2015 Donor Education Programs


"In Our Backyard" Series

This important inaugural season of Donor Education Programs included three sessions, each with three core components:

• Community Foundation Staff presented topic-related information from VITAL Signs, a trend report about the needs and issues facing San Luis Obispo County.
• Two Grantee organizations presented information about their work as it related to the topic, along with a client who can share his/her “story” about how the services of the grantee impacted their life.
• Moderated Q&A and discussions provoked thoughtful dialogue with the grantee organizations and among the attendees.

February 12, 2015 - Program 1 of 3 – "Her Life by the Numbers"

In this session we highlighted the reality women face and how they establish their financial literacy skills and understand how to be self-sufficient.


Participating grantee organizations:
Mission Community Services Corporation/The Women’s Business Center 
Women’s Shelter Program 

This first session resulted in a number of thoughtful discussions both during and after the session.
Sponsored by Heritage Oaks Bank

April 9, 2015 - Program 2 of 3 – "Successful Youth"

This session was designed to provide important information about the risks and challenges facing our youth and highlighted a few programs that support the future success of our County’s youth. Career mentorship, career exploration and skills development offered by local nonprofits were discussed and the role that acquiring these skills can have on a successful transition into the workforce and a better life.

Two very poised middle school age girls spoke with a maturity beyond their years about their experience in a program within the YMCA of San Luis Obispo County's Youth Institute. The impact of mentoring and encouragement was plainly seen in their enthusiasm and candid comments about how the program has given them confidence and better self-esteem.

Also, a young man who was determined to make his way to a better life at the age of ten, spoke about the help he received from the Family Care Network. With the agency's assistance, he was placed into a caring foster home that brought him from a desperate situation along a path that has led him to be in a position to help other youth find their way to a better life.


Participating grantee organizations:
Family Resource Center 
San Luis Obispo YMCA 

Generously sponsored by the Gertrude and Leonard Fairbanks Foundation

June 11, 2015 - Program 3 of 3 - "Our Next Meal"

Hunger and lack of access to nutritious food is a major concern in many of our communities. The presentations showed how food moves from the local farmers to our table.


Participating grantee organizations:
Glean SLO
Central Coast Grown 

What our donors think about the sessions

"My favorite part of the session was hearing from the actual participants in the programs, and the impact that the program has had on them. As well as the reaction of the donors who were present."

"I wanted to hear how The Community Foundation funds were making a difference in their programs and I heard it well. I enjoyed the actual “real live person” stories of those who benefited from the agency's services." 

Sponsor Opportunities

If you would like to be a sponsor of our 2016 Donor Education Programs, please contact John Neylan, Donor Services Associate, at (805) 543-2323.

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