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Teens at Work

...make teams that work!

Who can ignore a lovely young girl hefting a bag of trash that’s bigger than she is? Or an earnest young boy asking his corner grocery store to participate in his cause? A recycling business imagined, marketed, operated, and staffed by teenagers has had a resounding impact on our local environment, and become an inspirational example for everyone.

Launched in June of 2007, “Teens at Work” is a volunteer cadre of 13- and 14-year-olds who use their youthful optimism to convince adults to join in their efforts, and to become more aware of the waste and litter around them.

Funded through a grant from The Community Foundation's Pathways to Adulthood, and overseen by Atascadero’s Community LINK, “Teens at Work” teaches teamwork, scheduling, interpersonal relations, access to new ideas, and the value of a strong work ethic.

“A grant from The Community Foundation’s Field of Interest Fund got the project off the ground,” said Community LINK’s George Dodge.

“Teens at Work” creates outreach education to kids and adults, and is a powerful voice in the environmental cause.

Teens at Work was funded through Pathways to Adulthood, a fund that addresses the need for local youth mentoring and career development.

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