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550 Dana Street Preservation

Home Sweet Home!

The Barneberg House

With the help of generous donations from the Hind Foundation and the James Duenow Family, The Community Foundation San Luis Obispo County now has a permanent home. Built in 1914 for the successful banker John Barneberg, our stately house at 550 Dana Street is an historic and architectural gem strategically located near the heart of downtown San Luis Obispo.

This purchase signals a sense of permanence; that The Community Foundation is here to stay, forever.

Registered as an historic building, the house was built by the Maino family and is deeply connected to the community, providing important links to the past even as it offers ways to move enthusiastically into the future. Described as Neo-Classical with Craftsman overtones, the house features wooden wainscoating, coved ceilings, ornate windows, and a grand entry staircase. Owning our own space reduces operating expenses, allows room for expanded services to the community, preserves an historic building, and offers meeting space for other nonprofits. Improvements to the house's energy systems will reduce our consumption and lessen our impact on the environment as well.

The Community Foundation is the building’s third owner in nearly a hundred years, and plans to be its last. Renovations included roof repair, plumbing and electrical systems, and handicap access throughout.

We are proud to say that we have we have completed our goal of $2 million to be debt-free! We are no longer paying rent, and the savings will help fund programs and services.

Why Barneberg House?

  • Barneberg House is an historic building in downtown San Luis Obispo
  • We are preserving a cultural treasure and making it available to the community
  • Its size, 4,350 square feet, gives us room to grow

How Much?

  • The entire project was $2 million. Which includes acquisition, refurbishment, furnishing and moving

Who Helped?

  • Both the Hind Foundation and the Duenow Family made generous commitments to this transaction, along with other donors

What are the details of Barneberg House?

  • It was constructed for John Barneberg, a local bank owner, by the Maino family in 1914.
  • The building was designed by Charles McKenzie of San Francisco
  • The Duenow family was the second owner; having acquired it in the 1970s as a home and later converting it into an office building. The Community Foundation is the third owner
  • Included are one large and one small meeting space that is available to nonprofits and community groups to use


  • The interior of the building is fully accessible      
  • Due to the support of our generous donors, a ramp has been constructed at the entrance of the building to provide accessibility from outside (see above for a color rendering of the completed ramp and a contrast picture before and after ramp construction)

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