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Giving Stories

Please take a moment to read about people in our community who have joined us to do extraordinary things to help support a better future for our communities.

2016 CommUNITY Foundation Grants Roster

 The CommUNITY Foundation Grants Program is funded solely by local donors who have contributed to The Foundation's Community Needs Endowment and to various Field of Interest Funds. Our goal is to distribute funds to a variety of non-profit or [Read More]

Women of Distinction Award

     The Women of Distinction Awards Ceremony allows our community to celebrate the SLO County women that are leading the way and making a difference in our community. The purpose of the program is to celebrate Women’s Histo [Read More]

2015 Donor Education Programs

  "In Our Backyard" Series This important inaugural season of Donor Education Programs included three sessions, each with three core components: • Community Foundation Staff presented topic-related information from VITAL Signs, a trend r [Read More]

Opportunity to Thrive Grants Program

The Opportunity to Thrive Grants Program was formed by combining the Dunin Opportunity Fund and The Community Resource Center Initiative grant programs together under the common goal of supporting transitional help for families and individu [Read More]

Hugo and Erna Klaproad Homeless Fund

Through a very generous bequest from Hugo and Erna Klaproad, former Oceano residents, the Community Foundation established a fund in 2009 to benefit the homeless in Southern San Luis Obispo County. Erna Klaproad was born in Czechoslovakia, and with h [Read More]

Fund for Vineyard and Farm Workers

Fund for Vineyard and Farm Workers Supporting Community Need The next time you enjoy locally produced wine or fresh fruits and vegetables, take a moment to appreciate the people who brought this bounty to your table. In San Luis Obispo County, we r [Read More]

Jennifer Thoma Memorial Ballet Scholarship

Koby Wescom was recently awarded the 2017 Jennifer Thoma Memorialo Ballet Scholarship.   Wescom, age 15, is a Templeton High School freshman who has been dancing since he was ten years old. He will use the award to attend a 6-week summer intensi [Read More]

Helen and Ronald Dunin Memorial Endowment Fund

Ron Dunin, former three-term mayor of San Luis Obispo, was best known for his tireless service to civic causes. He and his wife, Helen, were Polish immigrants who considered themselves fortunate beneficiaries of help and support that they needed duri [Read More]

25th Anniversary Celebration of ADA!

The SLO County Board of Supervisors presented a Board Proclamation recognizing ADA's 25th Anniversary.    Access For All's ADA Art Show also celebrates the 25th anniversary of the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Acc [Read More]

Sera Day Coryell Nursing Education Scholarship

The Sera Day Coryell Nursing Education Scholarship was established in 2011 by Sera’s parents to celebrate her life by supporting others in achieving their nursing goals. Their daughter was a vibrant, compassionate young woman known fo [Read More]

The Alex Quaglino Family Fund, a Donor-Advised Fund

The Fragility of Living … The Longevity of Giving A little girl, once nearly blind, shrieks with delight at the pop-up picture book she can read with her new glasses. A brain-injured fifth-grade boy entertains the crowd with his talented drum [Read More]

The Alex Madonna Memorial Award Fund

In the agriculturally rich community of San Luis Obispo County, the Alex Madonna Memorial Award Fund was established to reward and encourage young people who have restored an antique tractor in the JB Dewar Tractor Restoration Competit [Read More]

Community Needs Fund

Community Needs met by local resources Just when he’d given up experimenting with aids that did not work, 85-year-old George was offered several cutting-edge hearing devices to try. When the perfect fit was found, a hearing expert helped him d [Read More]

Leadership Fund

Supporting Our Efforts to Help Our Community On any given week at The Community Foundation San Luis Obispo County office, staff members run out the door to attend board meetings, to sit on task forces, to strategize at planning s [Read More]

College Night 2016

The Harold J. Miossi Trust is the exclusive sponsor of the annual San Luis Obispo County College Night. The event is organized in collaboration with the College Night host, Cuesta College, the co-coordinators, the SLO County Office of Education and T [Read More]

Richard J. Weyhrich Scholarships

The Richard J. Weyrich Leadership Scholarship is awarded in memory of the leadership and generosity of Richard John Weyrich. As a young man, Weyrich graduated from West Point and received a commission in the U.S. Army, embarking on a leadership path [Read More]

Janssen Foundation Youth & Youth Sports Fund

The Janssen Foundation Youth & Youth Sports Fund was established in 2006 through the generosity of the Robert H. Janssen Foundation. Mr. Janssen was a lifelong resident of San Luis Obispo County, and he devoted a considerable [Read More]

550 Dana Street Preservation

Home Sweet Home! The Barneberg House With the help of generous donations from the Hind Foundation and the James Duenow Family, The Community Foundation San Luis Obispo County now has a permanent home. Built in 1914 for the successful [Read More]

Youth Pathways Fund

The success of The Community Foundation's Pathways to Adulthood Initiative has led to the development of an endowment fund focused on supporting the work of local agencies to assist at-risk youth between the ages of 12-18. The Youth [Read More]

Action for Healthy Communities

Taking the Community’s Pulse Achieving goals in seven areas to improve the quality of life for all who live in San Luis Obispo County was the ambitious agenda of Action for Healthy Communities – a collaborative effort of individual agenc [Read More]

Charitable Gift Annuities

The Community Foundation is pleased to offer a way for retirees and nonprofits to connect. Now you can ensure that the causes closest to your heart will continue to thrive after your death, while receiving regular cash payments with substantial [Read More]

Real Estate Foundation

Foundation Facilitates Gifts of Real Estate While real estate comprises 44 percent of the total U.S. net worth, only 2 percent of charitable gifts are made in the form of real estate. Charities are reluctant to accept land and real property donation [Read More]

Transfer Of Wealth Report

“Many of our clients think first of their families as the beneficiaries of their estates,” said Rob Garcia, of Rob Garcia Wealth Management. “The Transfer of Wealth study illustrated for me what a tremendous impact we can have [Read More]

Pathways To Adulthood Projects

A 15-year-old boy spends two afternoons each week delivering hot meals to home-bound seniors in his neighborhood. A teenage girl visits a local radio station and begins her love affair with broadcast journalism. And a former gang member abandons the [Read More]

George & Janice Clucas Fund, a Donor-Advised Fund

From the City to the Sea…take a stroll or a ride along the Bob Jones Trail Hikers, bikers, walkers, runners, roller-bladers, children and grownups―even steelhead trout― anticipated the completion of The “Bob Jones” City t [Read More]

Scholarship Fund: The Kelly McAdams Memorial Scholarship

When Ben and Pat McAdams lost their daughter, Kelly, at a much-too-young age, they wanted to do something to honor her life. “Kelly was bright, and had a broad view of the world,” said her father, Dr. Ben McAdams, “She had a keen in [Read More]

Preventive Health Care Endowment Fund

Annually, The Community Foundation holds a competitive grants program which is funded by local donors who have contributed to The Foundation’s Community Endowment and various Field of Interest funds. The 2012 competitive grants program was made [Read More]

Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL SLO)

Healthy Eating Active Living Initiative The Community Foundation has been working with HEAL SLO to combat the growing problem of obesity. Current numbers place the economic cost of obesity at around $270 billion dollars on a national level [Read More]

Alpha Endowment Fund

DESIGNATED FUND - Ensuring a Better Beginning A positive pregnancy test is not always cause for celebration. For many women, it’s bewildering, even frightening news that brings an avalanche of questions with it. For women facing an unexpe [Read More]

Studios on the Park, a Designated Fund

Artist Anne Laddon helped transform a World War II torpedo factory into a flourishing art center in Alexandria, Virginia. That experience fueled her desire to meet the needs of the growing arts community in Paso Robles. So when a space on the city&rs [Read More]

Teens at Work

...make teams that work! Who can ignore a lovely young girl hefting a bag of trash that’s bigger than she is? Or an earnest young boy asking his corner grocery store to participate in his cause? A recycling business imagined, marketed, operate [Read More]

Agency Funds: CAP Adult Day Care

Respite for Those in Care-Giving Roles An elegant elderly woman puts on her favorite shade of lipstick and adjusts her hat in the hallway mirror. It’s 7:00 a.m. and “Alice” can’t wait to join her new friends for the day, some [Read More]

Fresher Foods

… from Farm to Family The decision to escape from her abusive husband left a young working mother with a reduced income and too many bills. And when “Susan’s” daughter became seriously ill, she began to look for ways to cut [Read More]

Peoples’ Self-Help Housing

For the majority of the 3,774 reported homeless in SLO County, stable housing is an unattainable goal. The homeless enumeration conducted in January 2011 reported that more than half of the homeless cited disability or illness as the reason for their [Read More]

Raising A Reader

SLO County is fortunate to have a high quality education system and dedicated school districts serving the families of our community. Local schools consistently score higher than the state average on the Academic Performance Index (API). However, the [Read More]

Coast Caregiver Resource Center

The silver tsunami is upon us. 25% of SLO County residents are 60 years or older according to the 2013 Action for Healthy Communities survey. In the past few years, the Community Foundation has made three grants to Coast Caregiver [Read More]

The Righetti Family's Planned Giving Legacy

The Alva, Ernest & William Righetti Fund for Seniors and People with Disabilities is a Field of Interest Fund that was established by a bequest to The Community Foundation in 2006. Field of Interest Funds, such as the Righetti's, s [Read More]

Using Real Estate to Affect Real Change

After supporting the arts and local music community for decades through volunteerism and small donations, Cricket Handler is now making the kind of difference she’s always dreamed of.  When the Atascadero rental property she owned becam [Read More]

Leaving A Legacy

Tom Halaczkiewicz, originally from Vancouver, B.C., came to San Luis Obispo to attend California Polytechnic State University then stayed to build his life and his business on the Central Coast. He graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering in [Read More]

Gary Paul Piantanida Scholarships

Paul and Edna Piantanida established the Gary Paul Piantanida Scholarship Fund in 2001 as a living legacy for their son, Gary, who died of leukemia at the age of 16.  Gary was their only child.  The scholarships are awarded to high school g [Read More]

Richard K. Sauret Viticulture and Enology Scholarship

The Richard K. Sauret Viticulture & Enology Scholarship provides an opportunity for students desiring to study viticulture or enology at a four year college or university. At the age of 7, Richard Sauret was picking grapes, pruning vines and pull [Read More]

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